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About Lamaze

Introducing the New Look of Lamaze

An integral part of the Lamaze International 2014-2017 Strategic Plan was to “Create Demand for the Brand.” In order to create more demand for the Lamaze brand and Lamaze childbirth education classes, we undertook an extensive research project beginning in 2016 that included feedback from consumers, childbirth educators and healthcare providers. It was apparent that we have paved the way and continue to have strong and positive brand awareness and perception, but that it was time to modernize our visual identity and messaging to reach today’s parents.

Our new logo represents a brand that is here to welcome and help others – something you do as educators every day. It’s a symbol of trust, knowledge and warmth. The six playfully uneven circles get larger from left to right symbolizing growth and development throughout the journey to parenthood, which is not always a straight and clear path. The colors signify diversity and the number of circles aligns with our Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices.


Along with our new look, we have a new tagline – with you from pregnancy to parenting. As educators, you are there to guide your families through this exciting and help them navigate the unknown. This tagline and our updated messaging will be woven throughout our new resources and tools that will be released throughout the year. We have a lot of updates underway including a new and improved website to be launched later this year. Join us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to keep updated on the latest developments.