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Membership Spotlight

Darby Morris, LCCEDarbyMorris.jpg

Where do you live?

Redwood City, CA

How long have you been teaching?

None yet as a childbirth educator; about 5 years teaching in other fields (mostly teaching English as a second language or Spanish).

Congratulations to Darby for passing the April 2018 LCCE exam!

What was your journey to a career in childbirth education?

I am an anthropologist with two masters and working on completing my PhD. Over the last year I have been working as a doula, taking as many classes as I possibly can and did the Passion for Birth Lamaze class with Connie Sultana in November. I absolutely love everything about birth and babies.

How, where, and what do you teach?

I do not yet teach in the birth world.

Why did you choose to become a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator?

I am extremely passionate about birth. I also have worked as a teacher for several years so I knew I wanted to be a childbirth educator. Lamaze was important to me because I would be able to support it through my own curriculum, which I knew I wanted to do. I also really appreciated the strong history Lamaze has in childbirth education.

What or who influences your teaching?

As someone working on a PhD, education is extremely important to me so evidence-based material has a strong influence on me. I am also influenced by some of the great childbirth educators in the Bay Area: Penny Simkin, La Leche League, Marshall and Phyllis Klaus, Ina May Gaskin, etc.

What is your goal as an educator?

To make sure that people know the facts and aren't entering into birth blind, nor do they get steam-rolled by the system believing they have no voice. To uphold Lamaze's healthy birth practices to the letter.

How could you suggest other members receive maximum value from Lamaze?

I love Lamaze's newsletters and their website has a lot of really great resources.

When you're not teaching, what do you enjoy doing?

Working as a doula, biking, reading, listening to podcasts, blogging, keeping up to speed on the birth world in social media.