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Administration: Chapter and Affiliates Policy

This document is a summary of Lamaze International’s policy for Chapters and Affiliates (Organizations).  The relationship, including the terms, fees, conditions and benefits are defined in the License Agreement.  The principal terms are summarized below:


Three years and renewable on January 1 after the third year.


A. All of Organization’s members must be persons who have received the Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) credential, students who are pursuing Lamaze certification and/or students who are pursuing Lamaze certification;

B. Organizations must provide Lamaze with the following:

a. Governing Documents including Constitution and/or Bylaws and/or Articles of Incorporation;

b. Mission Statement and purpose;

c. List of officers’ names contact information and terms; indicate designated representative if other than President;

d. An annual report on Lamaze education and advocacy activities and a roster of member names, credentials, contact information by December 31 of each year; and

e. Any publications (print or electronic) or communications distributed to members/ public throughout the year;

C. Organizations must hold at least one meeting of its members and board annually; and

D. Organization meets all qualifications for Lamaze International Chapters or Affiliates, as applicable, described in Lamaze International policies and bylaws;

E. At least one member of Organizations must attend the Lamaze International Conference and the Annual Membership Meeting, either in personal or virtually.


F. Chapters must be incorporated as a nonprofit corporation in the United States in the jurisdiction of its choice and is exempt from taxation pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code;


G. Affiliates must register as an equivalent nonprofit corporation in their own location/jurisdiction;

H. Affiliate must host a Lamaze event in the Affiliate’s country at least once every three years in order to offer continuing education to facilitate LCCE recertification.


A. Formal affiliation with Lamaze International;

B. A limited license to use the Lamaze Marks in the applicable State, Country or Region as a part of its organizational name in the following manner:

i. US CHAPTERS ONLY - To identify the chapter as a "Chapter of Lamaze International" identifying the location of the chapter as a part of the logo;

ii. INTERNATIONAL AFFILIATES ONLY - To identify the affiliate as an "Affiliate of Lamaze International" identifying the location of the affiliate as a part of the logo; and

iii. To use the Lamaze International “dots” logo with the words “Location/Region Chapter” (US CHAPTERS) or “Country/Region Affiliate” (INTERNATIONAL AFFILIATES) as a part of all communications and materials. Lamaze will grant specific permission for social media user names and organization may not, without permission from Lamaze, use Lamaze Marks in any way as part of a domain name, screen name, URL keyword, social media name (e.g., Twitter, Facebook), email address, or other identifier, or in any manner that would imply or represent any connection with Lamaze International other than the organization’s actual relationship as a chapter.

C. Opportunity to apply for Lamaze International contact hours for local programs that qualify under the guidelines as a recognized Lamaze International representative. Fee for continuing education contact hour approval will be waived;

D. Initial contact information of area Lamaze International members in the applicable State, Country or Region provided at no charge and in exchange for the Organization’s similar list of members;

E. The non-profit rate to exhibit at the Lamaze Conference;

F. Chapters and Affiliates will be listed on the Lamaze International website and can submit information to Lamaze International’s e-newsletter; and

G. Periodic updates from Lamaze International.


H. Chapter liability insurance coverage under an umbrella policy for Chapter Board of Directors, programs, events and functions.

Responsibilities and Purposes

A. Organizations are required to organize, promote and further Lamaze activities, including Lamaze Childbirth Educator Programs, Lamaze publications and courses conducted Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators (LCCE);

B. Organizations are required to encourage childbirth educator certification through Lamaze and to provide continuing education so that the LCCE educator members of the Chapters may maintain their LCCE certification within the recertification guidelines established by Lamaze;

C. Organizations must clearly indicate separate corporate status from Lamaze in all representations to the public and when entering into any contracts and other obligations (e.g. name of affiliate, “A separately incorporated chapter or affiliate of Lamaze International”); and

D. Organizations may not discriminate on the basis of sex, religion, race, ethnicity or other grounds unacceptable to Lamaze.

E. FEES: Organizations shall pay a one-time application fee of $200.00 and subsequent renewal fees of $100.00 per year;


F. Affiliates are required to provide local education, advocacy, marketing, service coordination, continuing education and networking; and

G. Affiliates are required to translate applicable, agreed upon publication into the language of its country and supply finished copy to Lamaze International.

Approved: July 23, 2018