Save the Date for LamazeLIVE! 2019

Join us at LamazeLIVE! 2019, April 11-13 in Pittsburgh, PA, to hear experts present on the following topics:

  • Breastfeeding: The childbirth educator's role in establishing and continuing breastfeeding.
  • The Value of Childbirth Education: Research and/or data that shows the correlation between childbirth education and birth outcomes or evidence of the value of childbirth education.
  • Complications: Teaching strategies for interventions and complications that get through to tuned-out parents expecting a normal birth.
  • Partner Education: Preparing loved ones, spouses and caretakers for pregnancy, birth and beyond.
  • Postpartum Health: Ways a childbirth educator can support postpartum maternal health.
  • Pregnancy FAQs: Evidence-based answers to the most common pregnancy questions (Ex: Can I dye my hair? Paint my nails? What are the effects of legal drug use, vaping, environmental exposures, etc.?)
  • Other: Have expertise on a topic outside of these areas? Select the "Other" option when submitting.

Back by popular demand, the conference will feature a variety of presentation styles:

  • Mainstage: Short (15-minute) TEDTalk-style presentations that move fast. Mainstage speakers are passionate about the topic they're presenting and can tell a story or illustrate a point clearly and quickly. 
  • Learning Zones: Hands-on and interactive, these 45-minute presentations actively involve attendees with props, tools, models, exercises, and more, ensuring that they leave with new skills and activities they can immediately put into practice.
  • Keynote: These traditional, 60-minute presentations inspire and energize attendees and start conversations that will be continued during the Discussion Lab that will immediately follow.

Hear What LamazeLIVE! 2018 Attendees Thought

  • I am interfacing with women around the globe! Learning what happens in the UK, India, and other places while we discuss labor support in the US.
  • This new format is awesome! Building bridges, creating awareness and reconnecting with passionate educators!
  • LamazeLIVE?… MORE, MORE, MORE, please!
  • Exit 505 was a great band at a great party during LamazeLIVE! CBEs are all about rhythm, movement and letting go! Get your dance on!

If you are interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at LamazeLIVE!
, please download and complete this application