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Membership Spotlight

Rebecca Mercer, CD(DONA), LCCE

Where do you live?Bluegrass Doulas Rebecca Mercer Headshot FOR WEB-4379.jpg

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

How long have you been teaching?

3 years

What was your journey to a career in childbirth education?

I've always been interested the process of birth and mesmerized by pregnancy. We took a Lamaze class when I was pregnant with our first and I learned so much in such a short time. I went into her birth knowing what I wanted and feeling well-educated and as if I had control over my experience. I wanted to give that same feeling to those around me which quickly led to the Lamaze certification training.

Why did you choose to become a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator?

I love that the Lamaze philosophy focuses on the whole story. It's not just one way to get through the birth process but provides information for many different birth styles while giving the evidence needed to make informed decisions for both baby AND mom.

How, where and what do you teach?

I teach a 6 week Lamaze series for Clark Memorial Hospital as well as private classes customized for families and their needs in the Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana areas.

What or who influences your teaching?

My own personal birth experiences as well as those around me often influence my classes. I'm also a full-time birth doula and each experience is a learning experience and is often incorporated into my classes.

What is your goal as an educator?

To provide evidence-based information to each family in order for them to feel confident in being active decision makers throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum time period.

How do you use Lamaze Resources to support you as an educator?

I use the Six Healthy Birth Practice infographics and videos in all of my classes as well as the Lamaze Guide and now...Giving Birth With Confidence!

How could you suggest other members receive maximum value from Lamaze?

Newsletters, Online Community

When you're not teaching, what do you enjoy doing?

Spending time with my family, shopping and board games!