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A Note from Ginger Breedlove, PhD, CNM, FACNM

Colleagues in Caring,

When we are frustrated with something challenging in our personal lives, we typically do something to change it.

When we have a close friend or family member in crisis, we typically respond with a call, personal visit or organize support.

When we acknowledge the existence of social injustice, health inequity and institutional racism, all correlated with the highest rate of maternal and infant death in the developed world, we typically share social media posts and continue to hear mounting evidence in maternal health publications and at continuing education events.

History demonstrates that activating and engaging common passion in an organized fashion is the only successful path to change, so I founded March for Moms to build a movement. Our beginning efforts were to align groups with like-minded visions and missions about improving health in the childbearing years. We gathered over 20 organizational partners, including Lamaze International, and have worked to frame the maternity care crisis to gain attention from the public, policy leaders and political decision-makers that matches the opioid epidemic, a campaign started only three years ago.

Just as my family was largely unaware of the devastating statistics related to maternal and infant mortality, maternal depression and prematurity of African American babies in our country, it is likely the average American is unsuspecting as well. In six short months, March for Moms demonstrated the power of scaling up when we inspire urgency for change in others.

The decision to engage and become activated in social cause rests wholly within our self. As a childbirth educator you are natural advocate for the families you serve. By becoming active citizens, together we demonstrate care of our communities. Lamaze International has organized the Advocacy Summit to provide best practice examples, tools and resources to activate your personal passion. Join me October 23-24 in Washington, DC where I’ll discuss key federal, state and local legislation and tactics for influencing policy makers.

If you want to improve maternal, infant and family health in the United States, and in your local community, you need to do more than observe from afar, you need to join the movement!

Ginger Breedlove, PhD, CNM, FACNM
March for Moms Association, President
SVP Clinical Operations, Baby + Co


About Dr. Ginger Breedlove, Advocacy Summit General Session Speaker

Throughout her career, Dr. Ginger Breedlove has advocated for healthy outcomes for mom and baby. Whether founding a movement or the first free-standing birthing center in Kansas, Dr. Breedlove's experience, education and pioneering spirit have sharpened her desire to not only help others but also change the way that help is provided. Learn more about Dr. Breedlove.