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2017 National Nurses Week Member Spotlight

Bobbielynn B. Sommers, RN, LCCE, FACCE



Where do you live?image.jpeg

The Woodlands, Texas

How long have you been in the childbirth or nursing field?

34 years

Why did you become a nurse and childbirth educator?

After experiencing my first birth in 1982, I wanted to improve the experience for birthing women by advocating for them and providing support. Lamaze has come a long way. I was a student in a 1981 Lamaze Childbirth Class in Metairie, Louisiana. It was not until I became certified in 2004 that I discovered the wealth of evidence-based information Lamaze provided. I have taught the safe and healthy birth practices ever since then! I wish I would have known what I know about childbirth now during my birth experiences! It is my passion and vocation now to provide birthing families with the evidence-based information about birth, breastfeeding and parenting so that they can make informed decisions about their births. I am so grateful to Lamaze for providing me with the background and support to continue this journey.

What's your favorite moment from your career so far?

There are countless moments. I have been teaching in a community hospital for the last 13 years and counting. Each time a couple queries "will my doctor let me do that?", I respond with "who's birth is this?" to put the ball in their court and encourage a healthy dialogue with their provider. Every birth experience is different. What empowers me to continue is when my students input on evaluations validates that they feel informed and better equipped to navigate their birthing journey.