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Member Spotlight

Angela Kinzie,BA, ICCE, CD(DONA), LCCE, IBCLCAngela Kinzie

Where do you live? 
Salem, VA

How long have you been teaching?
39 years

How, where, and what do you teach?
I currently work in a hospital setting as a perinatal educator, teaching prepared childbirth, refresher childbirth, grandparenting, breastfeeding and Happiest Baby on the Block classes, and am a lactation consultant on the Mother/Baby Unit.  I also facilitate a Baby Basics Moms Club group.  My colleague Sharon Parker and I recently presented a Lamaze Evidence-Based Nursing Care: Labor Support Skills workshop and are planning more such workshops for 2014.    

What or who influences your teaching?
My teaching has been tremendously influenced by the profound, ground-breaking work and teaching of Penny Simkin and other inspiring, creative trainers such as Terri Schilling.  I am also constantly tweaking and modifying my teaching to reflect current evidence-based best practice in the realm of childbirth and the expressed needs of the families I teach. 

What is your goal as an educator?
My goal as an educator is to be a resource for the information, support and encouragement expectant mother need in order to trust their bodies and their ability to give birth, to own their birth experience and, therefore, feel empowered to participate actively in birth and the decisions surrounding their birth experience so it will be a positive, satisfying experience which produces life-long happy Birth-Day memories.  I try to help the families in my classes to find the right way for them to have a positive experience on this profoundly important day in their lives and to see what we cover not just as birth skills, but also as life skills. 

How do you use Lamaze resources to support you as an educator?
I used a variety of the Lamaze resources as I prepared to take the Lamaze certification exam.  The Lamaze Professional Resources site and the Toolkit for Childbirth Educators are my go-to resources for current, evidence-based information to keep me up-dated and well-informed as a childbirth educator.  I have also found a variety of Lamaze workshops, as well as the Lamaze annual conference, to be extremely informative and inspiring. 

I encourage my class members to read The Official Lamaze Guide and to visit the Lamaze International website for parents’ resources which are current and trustworthy.  

How could you suggest other members receive maximum value from Lamaze?
We as Lamaze members have comprehensive, trustworthy research-based information and resources available to us, and I would urge all comers to fully explore all that Lamaze International has made available to us and the clients we teach.  I believe we have an obligation to stay informed of current research and findings to share with our clients.  Attending workshops and the annual Lamaze conference, as well as making full use of all the Lamaze resources I mentioned previously will definitely help instructors to stay current and inspired in their teaching and will provide excellent information for expectant and new parents to help them make informed choices.