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Member Spotlight

Mani.pngMani Pavitra, LCCE

Where do you live?

Hyderabad, India

How long have you been teaching?

5 years

What was your journey to a career in childbirth education?

The birth of my first son transformed us as a family. Only because of Lamaze classes did we understand the proces of
birthing naturally. We had an amazing instructor, Vijaya Krishnan.

Why did you choose to become a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE)?

I realised that in Hyderabad, India we need more people teaching this subject. Vijaya Krishnan was the only instructor,
but I saw that she was getting involved with more births. I wanted every couple to enjoy birth just as I did, and was inspired
to spread the message to couples – not only those who come to midwives, but also to couples visiting hospitals.

How, where, and what do you teach?

I teach at birth centers, hospitals, and with individual families.

What or who influences your teaching?

The couples I work with inspire me. I'm also greatly influenced by Robin Sharma. I want to be like him in the field of child birth education..

What is your goal as an educator?

My goal is to reach out every couple who gets pregnant, and to make women realize the wisdom of their bodies and their
immense capabilities.

How do you use Lamaze Resources to support you as an educator?

I find Lamaze as a whole to be a vast bank of knowledge and a wonderful reference.

How could you suggest other members receive maximum value from Lamaze?

Everything an instructor needs, right from course planning, to course design, to marketing, is provided by Lamaze. You just need to make use of it!

When you aren't teaching, what do you enjoy doing?

Yoga and meditation.