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About Lamaze

Governance: Lamaze Working Standards

Lamaze’s Directors, Officers, Council and Committee members and other volunteers agree to the following standards to enhance its work.

  • Nurture an atmosphere of openness, transparency, and accountability;

  • Computers, tablets, cell phones and other electronic devices will be set on silent/vibrate and used only for the purpose of the meeting versus personal use

  • Respond to personal matters and take calls out of the room and during breaks, when necessary

  • Use one-page “Action Item” for rationale and data to inform good decision-making

  • Think before you speak – speak positively and use positive body language

  • Be respectful, not talking over each other

  • Be mindful of side conversations – they are distracting

  • Challenge the idea not the person; no individual name call outs

  • Foster an environment where all perspectives are respected and valued, and traditional practices can be constructively challenged

  • Recognize that Lamaze serves many constituencies, put aside individual agendas, and check in to be sure everyone’s viewpoints have been shared in order to best accomplish Lamaze’s mission

  • Strive to achieve consensus on decisions

  • Commit to a swift, direct, and honest approach to resolving conflict.  After all are heard, decide – then move on; no perseverating (hashing and rehashing)

  • Speak as a cohesive group outside the meeting room

  • Put new ideas, suggestions on a “Parking Lot” list so meeting is not derailed

  • All are responsible for holding others accountable to the working agreement

  • Review working agreement annually and revise as necessary.

Approved: Aprl 2016