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About Lamaze

Governance: Volunteer Confidentiality Policy

Lamaze International is a nonprofit corporation and tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3). For these reasons, many details about Lamaze International’s operations will become public information through filings with governmental agencies. It is the policy of Lamaze International that information reported in these filings is to be kept confidential until the time it is reported. In addition, any other non-public information about Lamaze International’s operations is to be kept confidential. The requirement to maintain confidentiality applies during and after service with Lamaze International.

“Confidential information” includes information about the development and administration of the Lamaze International examination, including (but not limited to) examination questions and answers, scoring standards, and candidate scores. The obligation to keep examination information confidential is permanent; information shall not be disclosed at any time.

“Confidential information” also includes (but is not limited to):

  1. details of Board of Directors and committee discussions;

  2. addresses, phone numbers, and other non-public information relating to employees, the Board of Directors, committees, and other volunteers;

  3. information about program participants;

  4. information about candidates and certificants;

  5. information received by Lamaze International from third parties under an obligation of confidentiality;

  6. information about Lamaze International’s contractual relationships with vendors and other third parties;

  7. information about donors; and

  8. matters designated confidential by the Board of Directors or the CEO.

Each volunteer shall protect confidential information from disclosure and maintain it in strict confidence. Each volunteer shall not use confidential information about Lamaze International for any purpose other than to carry out his/her volunteer responsibilities. A volunteer may discuss confidential information only with other Lamaze International volunteers, contractors, and staff who have a need to know the information. Communications with outside parties should be limited to public information about Lamaze International programs and activities or other publicly available information pertaining to Lamaze International’s industry in general.

Volunteers are responsible for maintaining the security of all Lamaze International property, materials, and confidential information (both print and electronic) entrusted to them. Volunteers shall keep examination materials under secure conditions. Volunteers are permitted to access and use the property and files of Lamaze International only for the purpose of carrying out their volunteer duties. Use of Lamaze International’s property and files for outside employment, personal use, political activity, or any other purpose is not permitted. At the end of volunteer service, or at any other time at the request of the CEO, volunteers must return all Lamaze International property, materials, and information that is in their possession. Volunteers are not permitted to retain copies in their personal files.

Approved: Aprl 2016