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About Lamaze

Governance: Journal of Perinatal Education Policy


Lamaze International has complete responsibility for the content, scientific control and editorial policy of The Journal of Perinatal Education. To discharge this responsibility, Lamaze International will appoint an Editor/ Editors and editorial board to carry out its publication in accordance with this policy.

Editorial Content

The Journal of Perinatal Education (JPE) the official journal of Lamaze International is a quarterly, peer-reviewed publication whose mission is to protect and support natural, safe, and healthy birth through education and advocacy. The journal publishes peer-reviewed articles and evidence-based, practical resources that childbirth educators and other health care professionals can use to enhance the quality and effectiveness of their care or teaching to prepare expectant parents for pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

Articles will focus on issues, educational topics, clinical practice and research related to childbirth and perinatal education.  In addition to articles on these subjects, JPE will include home study modules, book reviews, abstracts with commentaries, critiques from other journals, etc.  Articles and items that will advance the Lamaze International mission should be given preference.  The editorial policy and content of JPE shall at all times reflect the image and reputation of Lamaze International and shall be consistent with the principles adopted by Lamaze International to accomplish its mission.  All advertisements accepted for publication in the JPE must adhere to Lamaze International advertising standards.


    The appointment and removal of the Editor is the responsibility of the Lamaze International President in consultation with the Board of Directors.  

    When a vacancy in the Editor position occurs, a call for applications will be published to seek interested candidates. The Search Committee will be asked to consider the applications and make a recommendation to The President for board approval. Candidates for the Editor may be recommended or nominated by the outgoing Editor or members of the Board of Directors or they may nominate themselves.  A curriculum vitae and a statement summarizing qualifications will be reviewed by an Editor Search Task Force who will present their recommendations to the President for final approval. 

    The Board of Directors may remove the Editor for due cause by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board. Causes for removal of the Editor shall include, but not be limited to, failure to fulfill the responsibilities and duties of the position.

    Editor: Eligibility Criteria

    The eligibility criteria for appointment shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

    • Lamaze International member for a minimum of two (2) years.
    • A broad, in-depth knowledge of the field of childbirth and perinatal education and its current trends and advances.
    • A strong background in qualitative and quantitative research pertinent to the field of childbirth and perinatal education.
    • Advanced degree, preferred.
    • Vision for JPE coincides with the vision of Lamaze International.
    • Experience writing for professional peer-reviewed publication(s)
    • Experience as an editorial board member, a reviewer, or columnist for a professional journal, preferred.
    • Demonstrated ability to plan, coordinate, and manage tasks associated with journal publication.
    • Time available to perform Editorial duties.

    Editor: Term

    The term of appointment for the Editor is for three (3) years and may be renewed for additional three (3) year terms.  

    Editor: Remuneration

    The Editor shall be paid an annual editorial stipend for preparing quarterly issues of the Journal for publication. 

    Editor: General Responsibilities

    The Editor of JPE is directly accountable to the Lamaze International Board of Directors.  The Editor is responsible for all aspects of preparing the content of JPE for publication.  These specific responsibilities include:

    • Supports Lamaze International vision and mission.
    • Develops and oversees ongoing plans and procedures for manuscript acquisition and peer-review process.
    • Writes editorials and solicits guest editorials and other articles, as appropriate.
    • Works with new authors to provide supportive and constructive feedback on manuscript submissions.
    • Selects appropriate reviewers for manuscripts, reviews page proofs for each issue and ensures corrections are submitted to the company that produces JPE.
    • Submits complete editorial materials, in acceptable form, to the company that produces JPE, according to established deadlines.
    • Identifies and appoints members of the Editorial Board, and directs the activities of the Editorial Board, including calling and presiding at meetings of the Editorial Board.
    • Identifies and appoints appropriate Associate Editor(s) and Contributing Columnists.
    • Provides an annual report to the Lamaze International Board of Directors on journal matters, such as manuscript flow, acceptance rate, and other pertinent information.
    • Contributes input on readership survey and marketing efforts.
    • Works with the publisher and Lamaze management to facilitate ongoing communication as well as problem-solving issues, as needed, between the editorial office and the Lamaze Board of Directors, the company that produces the journal, authors, reviewers, columnists, membership, administrative office, and the general public.
    • Manages information requests pertaining to JPE content from members and authors and refers general reprint requests to the publisher. 

    Editorial Board: Composition

    The Editorial Board shall be comprised of the Editor, Associate Editor and up to 12 members who are experts in the field of perinatal education.  Editorial Board members and Associate Editors may be appointed at the discretion of the Editor.  In addition, Editorial Board members may be appointed to serve as Contributing Columnists of the JPE.

    Editorial Board: Eligibility Criteria

    The eligibility criteria for appointment shall include, but not be limited to, the following: 

    • A broad, in-depth knowledge of the field of childbirth and perinatal education and its current trends and advances.
    • An understanding and appreciation for research pertinent to the field of childbirth and perinatal education.
    • Experience writing articles for publication, and ability to critically evaluate manuscripts.
    • Ability to fulfill responsibilities of the Editorial Board on a voluntary basis.
    • Member of Lamaze International.

    Editorial Board: Responsibilities

    Members of the Editorial Board are directly accountable to the Editor of JPE.  The responsibilities of Editorial Board members are as follows:

    • Provide input on editorial needs and review manuscripts, as requested.
    • Complete assigned reviews in a timely manner, offering constructive critique of manuscripts to assist the author and Editor to achieve the best possible quality in the final publication.
    • Submit (may be recruited) an article for review for publication each year.
    • Attend the Editorial Board Meeting that is held during the annual conference each year.
    • Maintain confidentiality and objectivity with regard to manuscripts.
    • Participate in periodic evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of JPE to maintain the journal as a quality reference source.

    Editorial Board: Term

    The term of appointment for Editorial Board members is for three (3) years and may be renewed for additional three (3) year terms.  Editorial Board member terms will be staggered.

    Associate Editors

    An Associate Editor(s) may be appointed by the Editor to serve, to assist in carrying out editorial responsibilities and making recommendations regarding the content of JPE. 

    Contributing Columnists

    Contributing Columnists may be appointed by the Editor to serve, on a voluntary basis, to write a column for specified issues of JPE.

    Manuscript Reviewers

    Manuscript reviewers may be selected by the Editor to review, on a voluntary basis, a specific manuscript in their particular area of expertise.  The reviewers do not have to be members of the JPE Editorial Board or Lamaze International.

    Adopted: October 14,1994

    Revised: March 2006; October 2012; October 2018