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Parent Satisfaction Survey: FAQ for Educators

Thank you for agreeing to support the launch and ongoing use of the Lamaze Parent Satisfaction Survey. Here are some answers to questions you may have:  

Why do we need a survey? I hear all the time how much parents love their Lamaze class.

A standardized survey fielded among a broad pool of parents will provide important insights to Lamaze International and individual educators about the impact of Lamaze childbirth education on the experiences and outcomes of pregnant women and their babies. These insights will help Lamaze deliver the best possible educational experience, and will provide valuable information to support discussions with healthcare insurers, hospitals and other strategic partners to advance Lamaze education.

Is this survey anonymous?

We will not collect any personally identifiable information from the survey participants. Participants will be asked to list their instructor’s name.    

Will I be able to see how my students responded?

While you will not be provided feedback specifically from your students, Lamaze will be sharing information from the overall survey results with Lamaze certified educators on a periodic basis.

When should my students complete the survey?

Students should complete the survey AFTER the birth so we can gauge how Lamaze education impacted their actual choices and experiences. 

Can pregnancy partners complete the survey?

Yes, as long as the partner took a Lamaze class as well.

Can both parents complete the survey?


Can former students receive the survey?

Yes, as long as they delivered their baby within the last 3 months.

How is information from the survey collected?

Students will be registered for the survey automatically when they register for the Your Pregnancy Week by Week email, unless they opt out of the survey, so it’s important to encourage parents to sign up for this valuable resource. Answers will be collected through an online survey tool, SurveyMonkey, which automatically catalogues each answer and stores them in a secure online server. Lamaze International will assess the responses using SurveyMonkey. 

Once I tell my students about the survey, is there anything else I need to do?

Yes! Please remind your students to sign up for the Your Pregnancy Week by Week emails throughout your class to maximize the number of responses we receive. Lamaze has provided you with sample language you can use to promote the survey to your students. You can invite students to sign up for Your Pregnancy Week by Week when they register for class, post it on your Facebook page, website, blog, etc. You can also post a group Facebook reminder to complete the Lamaze Parent Satisfaction Survey.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Please contact