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Administration: Social Media Policy


The mission of Lamaze International is to advance safe and healthy pregnancy, birth and early parenting through evidence-based education and advocacy. This mission is driven by education and advocacy through the dedicated efforts of professional childbirth educators, providers and parents. Lamaze uses multiple social media channels to support the mission and engages with educators and parents to stimulate thoughtful conversations around the latest topics on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and early parenting.

Lamaze encourages community administrators to consider the following basic guidelines when engaging in social media on behalf of Lamaze International. 

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Best Practices and Guidelines

  1. Posting: Only Lamaze staff and designated volunteer members can use social media to speak on behalf of the Lamaze organization. Lamaze posts should not be posted from personal social media profiles, unless created and maintained exclusively for forum participation Each social media community has a designated administrator and is overseen by the Lamaze community manager. Posting approval is not required for these administrators.
  2. Monitoring: Social media community administrators should monitor communities daily to ensure that any SPAM or sales related posts are removed in a timely fashion, and that any comments or messages requiring a response are attended to promptly. 
  3. Response: If a question is posted on a social media channel, the designated Lamaze community administrator should respond to the inquiry within 24 hours or if it is content- specific, refer the inquiry to an appropriate subject matter expert. While waiting for a subject matter expert response, the community administrator should advise the inquirer that their question is being addressed and that an answer will be forthcoming. This will ensure some type of response within 24 hours, even if the inquiry is referred to an expert.
  4. Connections: Lamaze community administrators should use their discretion when accepting connection requests on social media channels. Staff and volunteers representing Lamaze are not obligated to connect or participate in groups on their personal networks. When doing outreach through Lamaze social media channels (liking other pages, following Twitter accounts, etc.), every effort should be made to ensure that the organization or individual being reached out to is aligned with Lamaze and its mission. It is worthwhile to seek out event speakers and partner organizations on social media in order to collaborate on mutually beneficial issues and promotions.
  5. Frequency: Content should be posted frequently enough to keep followers engaged and active, but not too often to become overwhelming or obnoxious to the community.

Frequency guidelines:

  • Twitter: Posting several times a day is acceptable, but community managers should refrain from repeating the same content or posting several times within a short time period (unless participating in a Twitter chat or other real time conversation).
  • Facebook Pages: Daily posts and shares are encouraged to show consistent activity and engagement.
  • Facebook Group: Posting in the Facebook group via the Facebook pages should be limited to only relevant resources, events, articles, etc.  
  • Blogs: Posting multiple times a week is recommended, but it is more important to feature quality posts that encourage discussion. The blog or forum coordinator will manage the schedule and will share the schedule with the social media team.
  • Instagram: Posting several times a week is appropriate.
  • Google+: Maintain this presence, but no active posting is necessary.

Content Guidelines

  • Content: Content should seek to engage users, rather than simply broadcast the organization’s promotions. For instance, when posting about Lamaze events, conversation starters (questions, photos, videos, surveys, fill in the blank statements, etc.) should focus on details such as speakers, specific sessions or social opportunities, rather than simply pushing followers to register. Lamaze encourages community administrators to repost information or respond to followers to encourage interaction on social media channels.
  • Responding to Negative Posts: Lamaze social media community administrators should use good judgment when deciding if and how to best respond to negative comments. In general, negative comments (unless they are offensive or violate privacy laws) should not be removed. If a response is required, the designated Lamaze community administrator should respond to the comment or inquiry within 24 hours or if it is content- specific, refer the inquiry to an appropriate subject matter expert. In the meantime, the community administrator should respond that further details will be provided within a given timeframe. This will ensure some type of response within 24 hours, even if the inquiry is referred to an expert. If an administrator is uncertain of a response, the community manager and/or organization director should be consulted.

Social Media Group Administration

Administrative or moderator rights to the Lamaze social media platforms will be granted to staff or volunteers as appropriate. Administrators and moderators are expected to abide by the code of conduct outlined in this document.

Social Media Passwords

Password and login credentials on all social media channels are to be managed by the Lamaze community manager. This information will be shared with staff or volunteer community administrators or those asked to post for a specific event, campaign or announcement. Passwords should be changed periodically to avoid being compromised. When a password is changed, it is the responsibility of the community administrator or community manager to notify others. The Lamaze community manager will maintain a document containing all passwords. 

Prohibited Content

Confidential/Proprietary: Any confidential or proprietary information of Lamaze International should not be shared on social media platforms. This includes, but is not limited to, financial information, organization strategy or official announcements yet to be made (embargoed information).

Copyrighted Information: Photos and content that Lamaze International does not own should not be posted, but can be shared. Third party copyrighted content should not be posted without written or legal permission. Administrators can refer directly to copyrighted material on websites or social media profiles that belong to the copyright holder. 

Personal Information: It is not advised to share any personal or contact information. If a volunteer or staff member chooses to do so, it is at their own discretion.


The following are proposed disclaimer messages to protect Lamaze International.

Facebook and Twitter: Lamaze International welcomes and encourages participation in discussions about safe and healthy birth practices. However, we also reserve the right to remove inappropriate or offensive posts, along with those that may violate patient privacy guidelines. We ask you to use the following guidelines:

  • Please do not use offensive or hurtful language. Be respectful of other points of view, even if they differ from your own.
  • Do not mention names of students or clients. Rather, discuss scenarios generally.
  • Refrain from posting self-promotional products or services.

Blogs: Please note that this blog/ is intended to help parents make informed decisions about their care. The content should not be a substitute for medical advice. The information shared on this forum contains personal opinions and views of individuals. It is not necessarily condoned, approved or reflective of the official views of the Lamaze International organization. Lamaze reserves the right to remove inappropriate or offensive posts, along with those that may violate privacy guidelines. 

Approved: February 2013

Updated: September 2018