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Administration: International Development Guidelines


The following guidelines have been established to clarify roles and responsibilities related to international development particularly in relation to Lamaze education and certification activities.

Roles and Responsibilities:

What does/will Lamaze International provide or support?

1. Study Guide translation currently in Spanish (only).

a. In future, the Board with consultation from Education Council Chair and International Task Force/Committee will    determine the need and budget requirements for translation in other languages.

b. In future, develop condensed version of Lamaze Study Guide for International candidates (proposed).

2. Certification exam available to be taken over a 3-day period, electronically and in paper format only in countries outside the US where internet connection is unreliable.

3. Certification exam currently available in English, Spanish, Chinese (Simple Mandarin), Korean and Romanian. Per certification exam policy, the exam can be translated for a minimum of five candidates for the April exam administration. Translation of the October exam in any of the above languages will be approved if 15 or more candidates apply by the deadline. Spanish and Romanian will be given in October if the minimum of five candidates is met.

4. The 2013 update of the exam prep course will include tips specifically for international candidates to prepare for the exam. In future, consider development of an exam prep resource strictly for international candidates (proposed).

5. International grants for conference attendance (re-instated in 2012).

6. Lamaze Contact Hour Sponsor Guidelines and Application for continuing education offerings for certification and recertification.

7. Complimentary membership to Lamaze seminar attendees, which will allow students to explore available resources via the Lamaze International site and take advantage of member discount on the exam and other resources available for purchase.

8. Develop guidelines to address the option and responsibilities for countries to develop their own childbirth education program that would qualify as an “official course” and alternative education pathway for Lamaze certification eligibility (proposed).

    What should the inviting individual or organization provide or support?

    1. A designated contact person or group who can communicate in English to facilitate and/or assist with the following:

    a. Selection of space for seminar.

    b. Funding to cover the costs and travel of invited Lamaze Accredited Program Trainers to designated country.

    c. Manage logistics, supplies, directions, local payment and other administrative issues, as needed.

    d. Provide a 12 month review of the progress/impact of the Lamaze seminar. Provide recommendations for improvement and/or expansion of topics.

    2. Commitment to teach/disseminate Lamaze messages and healthy birth practices to healthcare providers and consumers in context of the existing pregnancy and birth culture.

    3. Assist the Certification Council in identifying a Local Liaison for exam administration.

    4. Maintenance of Lamaze membership after the initial complimentary membership expires.

    5. Continuing education offerings to support ongoing maintenance of Lamaze certification.

    What should the invited Lamaze Accredited Program provide or support?
    1. Additional funding for travel and accommodations, not covered by the inviting individual or country.
    2. Assist the designated contact person/organization and participants of the seminar in the acquisition of supplies and/or materials to adequately teach childbirth education classes.
    3. Modify seminar outline and objectives to comply with ANCC guidelines and to be culturally relevant to the target population.
    4. Develop processes to mentor and track seminar participants from seminar to teaching or from seminar to taking the certification exam. 
    5. Notify Lamaze International Certification Council Chair at least three months in advance, if five or more of the seminar attendees plans to take the April certification exam and will need translation.
    6. Assist the Certification Council in identifying Local Liaisons for Certification Exam administration.  Identify and encourage promising seminar attendees to apply for the Lamaze International grant to attend a Lamaze International Learning Forum/Annual Conference.
    7. Partner with the designated contact person or organization to develop continuing education activities to ensure that seminar participants who are teaching childbirth education classes (but not Lamaze certified) or Lamaze certified childbirth educators receive updated information related to pregnancy, birth, or breastfeeding that is culturally appropriate for their country.

    What will the Lamaze International Development Task Force provide or support?

    1. Facilitate communication/discussion board amongst internationally based LCCE educators or aspiring educators, who have attended a Lamaze seminar offered in their country, or other internationally based childbirth educators who are members of Lamaze International and want to connect with other international childbirth educators (A community will be set up on Lamaze International website).Communication using the online community set up by Lamaze will include (but not limited to) the following:

    a. Updates regarding Lamaze membership

    b. Reminders about certification exam deadlines

    c. Preparation for certification exam

    d. Tips for developing teaching resources within their respective countries (when funds are limited and materials cannot be purchased from major companies, like Childbirth Graphics or InJoy)

    e. Answer questions from new individuals or country representatives interested in Lamaze childbirth education training in regards to how to start a program in their respective countries or how to request a Lamaze seminar for their country.

    f. Share concerns or issues from internationally-based LCCE educators or others with the Board Liaison for the Taskforce.

    2. Assist with disseminating information about the Lamaze International Grants international for conference attendance.

    3. Assist the Certification Council in identifying Local Liaisons for certification exam administration.

    4. Review the existing Lamaze Study Guide and make suggestions to the Education Council Study Guide Taskforce for a condensed version of the Lamaze Study Guide for individuals outside of the US, Canada, and Mexico (proposed).

    Approved: March 13, 2013