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Lamaze International's Credit Card:  Overview

Lamaze International Credit Card Benefits

Benefits to Lamaze International

  • Lamaze International will receive a a one time payment for every new card issued. 
  • Lamaze International will receive a portion of every dollar that each cardholder charges.

Benefits to Lamaze International Credit Card Holders

  • Points for purchases
  • Bonus points at select merchants
  • Points for balance transfers
  • Points for billed interest
  • Redeem for cash, travel, merchandise and more
  • Personalized custom cards 

Apply for a Lamaze International Credit Card

Click here to apply for the Lamaze International Credit Card in support of the Lamaze mission.

    Card Options

    There are currently two card options available for the Lamaze International Credit Card, each featuring either the Lamaze International Logo or the Push for Your Baby campagin logo.

    Option 1:  Lamaze International 

    cc option 1

    Option 2:  Push for Your Baby

    cc option 2


    For additional information pertaining to the Lamaze International Credit Card view the Frequently Asked Questions.  


    Purchases and balance transfers made within the first 6 months the account is open will have a monthly periodic rate of 0.00%, which corresponds to an Annual Percentage Rate of 0.00%. After 6 months, any amount remaining unpaid from any Purchases or Balance Transfers will bear interest at the rate for Purchase Advances then applicable to your Account at that time. The Purchase Advance APR is a variable rate which, as of October 1, 2012, is 12.99%. We may end your 0.00% APR, and apply the Penalty APR, if you make a late payment. The Penalty APR is calculated by adding 18.50 percentage points to the Base Rate as set forth in your Cardholder Agreement, currently 21.75% APR. Minimum Finance Charge is $.50. Balance Transfer Fee after the first 6 months will be 3% of the amount of the Balance Transfer, with a $15 minimum and no maximum. Foreign Transaction Fee when making purchases outside the US will be 2% of the US dollar amount of each Cash Advance or Purchase. Cash Advance Fee is 3% of the amount of the Cash Advance, with a $15 minimum and a $50 maximum.