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About Lamaze


Lamaze Council and Committee Rosters

Below is a list of the current Lamaze councils and committees. If you are a Lamaze member and interested in participating in one of the following areas, please contact the contact Lamaze at 202-367-1128 or

Executive Committee

Purpose: To act on behalf of the Board of Directors when the Board of Directors is not in session within the scope of established in the Lamaze International Bylaws.

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Accreditation Council Governing Body

Purpose: Serves as the standard-setting body for accreditation of Lamaze Childbirth Educator Programs and outside organizations seeking Lamaze contact hours for educational offerings, and makes policy decisions relating to accreditation matters.

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Certification Council Governing Body

Purpose: Serves as the standard-setting body for Lamaze certification and makes policy decision relating to certification matters.

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Conference Committee

Purpose: Plans the educational and social program for the Lamaze International Annual Conference 

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Education Council Governing Body

Purpose: Responsible for developing, implementing, and evaluating professional education programs that promote childbirth educator training and development and makes policy decisions relating to professional education programs.

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Approved Provider Unit

Purpose: Responsible for ensuring that a clearly defined process is followed for assessing need, planning, implementing, and evaluating continuing education in accordance with adult learning principles and professional education standards and ethics across Lamaze progessional educational offerings, ensuring providerships remain current, and standards are maintained.

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Finance Committee

Purpose: Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the annual budget, selection of financial audit firm and investment manager, financial policies including investment policy and financial transfers.

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Membership Committee

Purpose: Provides input and guidance on membership initiatives of the organization, specifically recruitment, retention and renewal activities.

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Search Committee 

Purpose: Actively seek out leadership candidates for the Board of Directors and other key leadership positions, review their qualifications, and recommend candidates for the election slate or appointment in accordance with procedures established by the Board of Directors.

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Research Initiative Workgroup

Purpose: The Lamaze Childbirth Education Research Initiative was developed in 2017 to facilitate research into childbirth education that investigates: Evaluation of childbirth education accessibility, effectiveness, acceptability, return on investment and quality; Best practices for delivering and receiving childbirth education; Parent knowledge of evidence-based birth and breastfeeding practices. Learn more.

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