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About Lamaze

Administration: Travel Reimbursement


Lamaze International will reimburse reasonable expenses incurred by members while they are performing their assigned duties. To be reimbursed, all travel must be approved in advance by the President or a member of the Executive Committee, and the Executive Director of Lamaze International.


All individuals requesting reimbursement must complete the proper reimbursement form, attach their receipts, and forward this information to the Executive Director within thirty (30) days after completion of travel. After review and approval of expenses in accordance with this policy, expense reimbursements will be made by the Lamaze International Administrative Office. The Executive Director will forward any requests for exceptions to the reimbursement provisions outlined in this policy to the Treasurer or President for approval.


When traveling on behalf of Lamaze International, members must select the most cost-effective route/program available. Because Lamaze International benefits (through discounts and free tickets) by using our preferred travel agency for air travel, members are strongly encouraged to use the designated agency. Use of other agencies must be approved in advance by the Executive Director. First Class travel will not be reimbursed. Full coach fares will be fully reimbursed only when excursion or super saver fares are not available and reservations are made at least one week before travel. Reimbursement will be limited to the lowest fare available, per the approved travel agency.

Travel by automobile shall be reimbursed at the current IRS rate plus any tolls or parking that may be required, not to exceed the cost of the most direct economy air/train route between the points traveled.

The use of rental cars is to be kept to a minimum. All use requires prior approval by the Treasurer, and reimbursement will be at the compact car rate.


Room sharing is expected for all events and meetings for which Lamaze will be providing reimbursement. Lodging for Lamaze activities will be reimbursed at one-half the standard double room rate. Reimbursement for a standard single room must be approved in advance. Occasionally, it may be cost-effective to stay an extra night to secure more favorable airfares. In those cases, the extra night will also be covered. Exceptions to this policy may be made on a case by case basis.


Meals are reimbursed up to a maximum of $60 per person per covered day, allowing $12 for breakfast, $18 for lunch, and $30 for dinner. This includes charges for room service. Expenses for group meals should include a list of participants and the purpose of the function. If a traveler chooses to make personal dining arrangements rather than attend a planned meal function, Lamaze International will not reimburse that expense. Bar bills will not be reimbursed unless approved by the President or Treasurer.

Phone Calls/Internet Connection

Phone calls of reasonable length and number are reimbursable if related to Lamaze International business or if incurred while on Lamaze International business. Supporting documentation must accompany the request for reimbursement. Up to $10 per day will be reimbursed for an internet connection allowance.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Expenses of a miscellaneous nature may be covered if incurred while performing Lamaze International duties, such as baggage fee for one suitcase, gratuities, copies for Lamaze related business. However, some items that will not be reimbursed include: valet/dry cleaning expenses, expenses of traveling companions, recreational or entertainment costs (tennis court fees, theater), and cabs for personal entertainment.


The Expense Report, shown in Attachment I, must be completed with all required receipts attached, and submitted to the Executive Director within thirty (30) days of travel.

Original receipts must be provided for all expense in excess of $25, and reimbursement will be limited to the actual amount expended. Original airline boarding pass and train ticket receipts must be provided (if not using approved travel agency); itineraries are not acceptable (IRS ruling). Receipts for lodging, meals, and ground transportation expenses must also be provided. If original receipts are not provided and reimbursement exceeds $600 per individual per year, the law requires Lamaze International to report the amount of the reimbursement to the IRS, which will treat that money as income to the traveler.

If travel to a Lamaze International meeting or event is in conjunction with another meeting, expenses should be apportioned accordingly.


This policy applies to all board, council, instructors and committee members traveling for Lamaze International.

Approved: April, 1996
Revised: March, 2008; March, 2009