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About Lamaze

Committee: Annual Conference


The role of the Conference Committee is to develop the theme and objectives for the conference, offer subject matter expertise in planning the educational content, and work with staff to plan and facilitate a conference program that meets Lamaze International strategic priorities and the professional development needs of members and maternal/child health professionals.


The main goal of the conference is to address the professional needs of Lamaze members and LCCE educators by:

  1. Focusing educational content on strategic priorities identified in the Lamaze strategic plan;
  2. Offering a balance of sessions that address current trends in childbirth education, promote evidence and research, and highlight effective teaching strategies;
  3. Facilitating opportunities for communication between Lamaze leadership and members, and providing networking opportunities and inspiration to childbirth educators;
  4. Expanding the reach of Lamaze International by offering continuing education contact hours to attract new attendees to Lamaze program;
  5. Offering education through in-person learning, online learning platforms and repurposed content to increase the number of members who can benefit from the conference program content.

Conference Committee Chair


The Chair of the Conference Committee is appointed for a one-year term by the President of Lamaze International with a recommendation from the Search Committee. The Chair may serve for a maximum of three consecutive terms.


  • Curren member of Lamaze International who supports the organization’s mission and philosophies
  • LCCE certified with a minimum of three years of experience as a childbirth educator
  • Attendance at past Lamaze conferences and other childbirth related conferences
  • Experience with submitting abstracts, speaking at conferences and conference/workshop coordination
  • Ability to lead small groups

The Conference Chair is responsible for leadership and general oversight, including:

  • Chairs all committee meetings and facilitates communications among the committee members and the Abstract Review Task Force.
  • Works with staff to plan and facilitate implementation of meeting plans.
  • Appoints and orientates local committee chair.
  • Develops and proposes conference objectives, theme and design components with input from the Conference Committee.
  • Selects keynotes speakers with input from the Lamaze President and the Conference Committee. Oversees abstract review and program selection process.
  • Opens and closes the conference, speaking/making announcements at the conference as needed.
  • Reviews conference program and professional materials.
  • Provides input on the conference planning and budget.
  • Make recommendations to the Board of future sites for conferences.
  • Collaborate with staff to prepare periodic reports on committee activities.
  • Prepare the next chair for the responsibilities of the position.

Conference Committee Members


The Conference Committee is comprised of up to six members who bring a balance of expertise from the Education Council, AP Unit, Local Committee and a range of subject matter experts. The Chair of the Continuing Education Committee and the lead nurse planner will serve as members of the Conference Committee by way of their appointed positions. Up to three other members of the Conference Committee are appointed by the Chair of the Conference Committee for a one-year term and may be reappointed for a maximum of three consecutive terms. The President, or another officer of the Board, will serve as an ex-officio member on the Conference Committee.

The responsibilities of the Conference Committee are to:

    • Approve conference theme, objectives and design.
    • Review speaker abstracts and select program content considering contact hour requirements.
    • Select speakers based on abstract review process.
    • Provide general conference planning oversight.

Abstract Review Task Force Members


Members of the Abstract Review Task Force are appointed by the Chair of the Conference Committee with input from the committee and staff. The task force should have a balance of subject matter expert for each session topic category. Appointments are for one year and may be reappointed.

The Abstract Review Task Force is responsible for reviewing the speaker abstracts through the online abstract tool in their respective topic category.

Local Conference Committee Chair


The Chair of the Local Conference Committee is appointed for a one-year term by the Conference Committee Chair.


  • Serve on Conference Committee.
  • Oversee selection of session monitor volunteers.
  • Oversee onsite hospitality booth offering information on local resources and conference logistics.
  • Oversee the selection and coordination of dine-arounds.

Local Conference Committee Members

Members of the Local Conference Committee are appointed by the Local Conference Committee Chair. Appointments are for one year.


  • Identify and supervise session monitors volunteers who introduce speakers and monitor sessions.
  • Work with local restaurants to identify and make reservations for the dine-arounds. Develop sign-up sheets to include restaurant description and location information.
  • Provide volunteers to staff hospitality desk providing information about local restaurants, attractions, entertainment and transportation and other resources (banks, pharmacies, etc.).
  • Contact local chamber of commerce to obtain maps and other local information for conference attendees.
  • Identify local sponsors and exhibiting companies and pass them along to staff for follow-up.
  • Promote conference to local hospitals, childbirth education associations, midwifery groups, breastfeeding coalitions, doula programs, nursing schools, etc.
  • Submit mailing lists for local outreach and offer media contacts if available
  • Assist in stuffing conference packets the evening before the start of the conference

Committee or tasks force members are not authorized to enter into any contracts or agreements on behalf of Lamaze International. All auxiliary programs offered in connection with the conference must have Lamaze International Conference Committee approval.

Updated: March 2002; September 2010; April 2016