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2017 International Doula Month Member Spotlight

Liz Hochman, CD(DONA), CLC, LCCE

Where do you live?willow.jpg

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

How long have you been in the childbirth field?

8 years

Why did you become a doula and childbirth educator?

I have always been a champion and fierce supporter, defender, and promoter of women. I didn't know how that would manifest in my life until I had my first child. It was very clear that my life's work was and will always be to help women during intense transformation. 

What's your favorite moment from your career so far?

Oh there are so many! How can I pick?! One completely stellar moment that gives me shivers to this day was this birth I went to several years ago as a doula. The hospital that this mother was birthing in had floor to ceiling windows, it was dusk and the sky was turning a pale purple-blue. This mother had planted herself on a birthing stool with her partner sitting in a chair behind her. Her partner had put on this contemporary jazz music and it was the only sound in the room. The lighting in the room was just perfection with one gentle spotlight illuminated her glistening red hair while the rest of the room was completely dark. Just as she was in the final stages of moving her baby down and out the stain glassed window from the cathedral across the street lit up and began glowing red, orange and golden yellows into the room. Me and the midwife sat at the mothers feet, in complete silence. In awe of her peaceful, powerful, transformational moment. Nothing was needed, nothing was asked, nothing was said. Her power was evident and my job was to witness.