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Governance: Board Elective Officer Succession 


Lamaze International Bylaws define the elective officers of the Board of Directors as Secretary/Treasurer, President-Elect, President, and Past-President. Each year the Board of Directors is responsible for electing a Secretary/Treasurer who will succeed each year through the elective board officer positions. Adopting a process for nomination and election of the incoming Secretary/Treasurer allows time for the Board of Directors to give thoughtful consideration to the leadership succession plan and for the nominated candidate to plan in advance for this elective officer commitment.


Each officer serves for a term of one year, which begins following the outgoing Annual Board of Directors meeting and continues until the close Annual Board of Directors meeting held in conjunction with the next year’s Annual Member Meeting.  At the end of his/her term, the Secretary/Treasurer becomes the President-Elect, each President-Elect becomes the President and each President becomes the Past-President.

Secretary/Treasurer Eligibility: 

To be eligible for election to the office of Secretary/Treasurer, a Director must (i) have served at least one year as an At-Large Director, and (ii) no more than three full years an At-Large Director.


  • A call for nominations for Secretary/Treasurer will be sent out at least thirty (30) days prior to fall Board meeting to express interest or nominate an eligible director for consideration at the spring meeting.
  • At the fall meeting each nominated director will have the opportunity to express why they would be a good fit for elective office and to confirm willingness to serve the four-year commitment of elective officer succession. The Board of Directors will discuss the nominations and conduct a vote by written ballot during the fall meeting to finalize the nomination. The nominated incoming Secretary/Treasurer will be presented for election during the spring Annual Board of Directors meeting.
  • At the spring meeting the outgoing Board of Directors will elect the Secretary/Treasurer who will begin his or her term upon the close of the Annual Meeting.

Approved: April 2016
Revised: March 2018