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Certification: Examination Construction


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that uniform procedures are followed for the construction of each certification examination.


The Certification Council Governing Body is responsible for development of the certification exam. The Certification Council Chair, in conjunction with the Exam Development Committee Chair, select which members of the Exam Development Committee will participate in the exam construction meeting annually to set the next two certification exams.  Members chosen to work on exam development include a representative sampling of the candidate population, as well as geographic diversity.


Administrative staff are in attendance at the test construction meeting to ensure adherence to policies and procedures related to secure construction and handling of the confidential information.

The certification exam is constructed based on the test blueprint. A unique form of the exam is constructed for each exam administration and includes 30% new items. No items used on the immediate past examination are used.

The Certification Council Chair and Exam Development Chair must approve each examination. The administrative staff coordinate and the psychometric consultant edits, ensures grammatical correctness, corrects keyed responses if necessary, and insures that there is no cueing or ambiguity prior to finalization of the exam. administrative staff, at the appropriate time, to prepare the applicable administration.

Approved: May, 1996

Updated: January, 2007, April 2012, June 2017