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About Lamaze

Administration: Media Relations


This policy is to ensure factually accurate, appropriate and coordinated dissemination of Lamaze International news as pertains to the purpose of the organization, events, reports, accomplishments, research, honors, appointments, and announcements.

Media relations are important to Lamaze International. Positive media exposure at the local, state and national levels benefits Lamaze International because print and television stories about Lamaze International programs and members can enhance the organization’s credibility and stature in both the consumer and health professional communities. This increased recognition will enable Lamaze International to more effectively achieve its mission, increase membership and gain financial support for its endeavors.


Inquiries from the media will be handled as follows:

  • All media inquiries are directed to the Executive Director and/or Marketing Director.
  • Information regarding the purpose of the story, place, date and related information will be documented on the Media Inquiry Form (found in the Lamaze Media Protocol document), by the staff person receiving the call or communication.
  • The Lamaze Marketing Director works directly with the media contact to gather more information and determine how Lamaze will respond.
  • The Lamaze Marketing Director notifies the Lamaze Executive Director and Lamaze President, or other approved spokesperson if their participation is required for an interview or quote.
    • The spokespersons for Lamaze International are the President or Executive Director. Any spokesperson other than the President or Executive Director must be approved by the President as a subject matter expert or appropriate regional representative for the organization. The spokesperson is contacted and requested to speak on behalf of Lamaze.
  • The Lamaze Marketing Director will brief the President or other spokesperson on the publication or media outlet, the story they are working on and the key messages that Lamaze should reinforce.
  • The Lamaze Marketing Director requests that the media send a copy of the story for Lamaze International media files and placement on the media section of the Lamaze website.
  • The Lamaze Marketing Director provides a coverage overview to Lamaze and updates are shared regularly with the Lamaze Board of Directors.
  • Reference the Lamaze Media Protocol document for additional detail on how media inquiries and follow-up are handled.

Approved: October 18, 1990;
Revised: August 2011;
Revised: September 2018