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About Lamaze

Administration: Management Performance Review


It is the policy of Lamaze International to conduct an annual performance review of management services.


The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that an annual performance review of management services provided to Lamaze International is conducted. To fulfill its responsibility, the Board of Directors shall meet in executive or closed door session at the board meeting held at the Annual Meeting, and at such other times and places as may be designated by the President.

The minutes of all meetings at which an executive session is held shall only indicate that an executive session was held to review the performance of the management company. The matters discussed in executive session are privileged and shall not be discussed with anyone not entitled to attend the executive session.

The Executive Committee shall meet with Lamaze International management within a reasonable time after the executive session to report on and discuss the Board’s evaluation of the management company’s performance against the metrics established for the current year and establish the metrics against which management performance will be measured for the next fiscal year.

Evaluation Categories

The metrics used in the annual performance evaluation will be based on the following categories:

  • Client Management Meeting
  • Client Satisfaction Survey
  • Executive Director Evaluation
  • Other Key Performance Factors agreed to by the parties

Approved: February 2004
Revised: September 2008; September 2015