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Administration: Mailing List Rental

This policy is intended to protect Lamaze International lists from unauthorized usage, and to ensure usage in accordance with Lamaze International’s philosophy and principles.

Lamaze International will make its mailing list available for rental, in whole or in part, to Lamaze International members and chapters, nonprofit organizations, and commercial entities for education/information purposes. Lamaze International reserves the right to refuse permission to rent the mailing list to any individual or entity whose products or programs conflict with the Lamaze International philosophy and principles, or compete with education or certification programs offered by Lamaze International. Use of the membership mailing list by any commercial or nonprofit entity does not imply endorsement by Lamaze International.

Any Lamaze International member or chapter, nonprofit or commercial entity renting the Lamaze International mailing list must agree to the following provisions, noted on the List Usage Agreement.

Names provided will be for a one-time mailing use only, and only for the specific purpose for which approval has been given.

Names will not be copied for use as a mailing list or otherwise.

Names will be used within a reasonable time after receipt in order to retain the advantage of list accuracy.

All names not used will be returned or destroyed within 90 days of receipt. (A letter to Lamaze International certifying the destruction of such lists is required)

The mailing list will not be used for advertisements, materials, products or publications which promote or support ideals, goals or beliefs, contrary to those held by Lamaze International and its membership.

The mailing list will not be used for advertisements which promote or support products, practices, or activities that are deemed harmful to the health of pregnant women or their babies.

The mailing list will not be used to promote or recruit for non-Lamaze International childbirth education certification programs.

No mention of Lamaze International as the source of the mailing list will be stated or implied.

To monitor and protect the Lamaze International mailing list from unauthorized use, certain names will be included on the list. Legal action will be taken by Lamaze International for unauthorized use of the mailing list.

Lamaze International mailing list rental and usage will be monitored and controlled by the Executive Director, under the guidance of this policy. Requests for rental of the Lamaze International mailing list must be submitted in writing to the Membership Coordinator, and must state the specific usage intended and include a sample of the mailing piece. A copy of the signed List Usage Agreement must be returned before the requested list will be processed.

The mailing list fee structure shall be reviewed periodically to ensure that the mailing list fees reflect current costs and fair market charges.

Please complete and submit the entire mailing list rental application in order to receive an estimate for the number and price of labels. 

Approved: October, 1992
Revised: April 1994, March 2002, July 2011, January 2013