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About Lamaze

Governance: Volunteer Conduct Policy

Lamaze International highly values the volunteers who support the work of the organization by sharing their time, talent and resources. People who volunteer together have an impact on each other’s performance, productivity, and personal satisfaction in their volunteer experiences. In addition, how our volunteers interact with our stakeholders and the community-at-large will influence whether those relationships are successful for Lamaze International. Overall, volunteers are expected to treat all parties affiliated with Lamaze International with dignity and respect, including (but not limited to) other volunteers, employees, and program participants. These policies have been adopted to clarify our expectations for Council and Committee members, and other volunteers. Similar requirements will be included in the contracts governing the management company, and other consultants and contractors.

Volunteers agree to adhere to and be bound by the following commitments to promote efficiency, respect, and good governance:

A. Volunteers will be familiar with the Lamaze mission and goals and the roles and responsibilities of their position, and will abide by all Lamaze policies.

B. Volunteers will be thorough and diligent in reviewing the underlying facts and issues for each recommendation or decision they are called upon to make. Volunteers will review materials in preparation for meetings, and between meetings will engage in timely communication, generally within three (3) business days when not on vacation/travel. Volunteers will be respectful in electronic communications and will follow standards established for e-mail etiquette to enhance the overall effectiveness of the organization.

C. Volunteers will be respectful of the points of view of fellow volunteers and professional staff which differ from their own. Volunteers will bring concerns forward in a constructive manner and are committed to a direct and honest approach to resolving conflict.

D. Volunteers will support a strong partnership between volunteer leaders and staff based upon common expectations, trust, collaborative planning, joint evaluation, regular communication and mutual respect. If a volunteer identifies a performance or process issue that needs improvement, he/she will share their concerns in a productive manner (e.g., give timely, accurate details about the behavior or process that needs improvement to the appropriate supervisor). Volunteers will not discuss what occurred with others who are not in a position to resolve the issues, and will not continue to discuss past occurrences unless the performance has not improved.

Approved: April 2016