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About Lamaze

Governance: Product/Program Endorsement


To ensure that requests for endorsement of products and programs are handled in accordance with Lamaze International’s philosophy and principles.

Product/Program Endorsements

Lamaze International does not endorse any commercial product or program. Editors of the Lamaze International newsletter and journal may, at her/his discretion, include commercial products and programs in the resource section of the publication. Advertising in any Lamaze International publication, sponsorship of any program or event, exhibiting at the annual conference or use of the membership mailing list by any commercial or non-profit entity does not imply endorsement by Lamaze International.

Use of the “Lamaze” mark by corporations to which Lamaze International has licensed the mark for specific uses does not imply endorsement of the product by Lamaze International, but indicates that Lamaze International has approved the appropriateness of such products for inclusion in the licensee’s program. Lamaze International assumes no liability for the performance of the products or the veracity of the statements made by the manufacturers about their products.

Approved: October 1992
Revised: September 2000
Reviewed: October 2018