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Exam Prep Course

The Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator Exam Prep Course

Are you planning to sit for the Lamaze Certification Exam? Take advantage of a tool that helps you to prepare for the exam. This eLearning course allows you to practice your test taking skills and try your hand at several questions similar to the ones you may find on the Lamaze exam. It also provides information regarding the seven competencies covered in the exam, information on how the exam is constructed and helpful tips on how to study for the exam. 

Cost: $50

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Curso de Preparación Para Certificación Lamaze Educación Prenatal

El curso de preparación para certificación Lamaze Educación Prenatal es un nuevo curso que produce una experiencia interactiva de aprendizaje para individuos interesados en tomar el Examen Lamaze para Educación Prenatal.