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Submitting Alternate Credit

If you choose Option 1 for recertification (submitting 25 contact hours), you have the option to submit 10 of the 25 hours as alternate credit. In some cases, more than 10 hours may be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.

What is Alternate Credit?

Alternate credit is an experience, or a combination of experiences, that help you grow your skills as a childbirth educator, but isn’t necessarily an educational course.

You can earn alternate credit from a single category of activities or a combination of multiple categories.

Examples of Alternate Credit

  • Continuous Presence During Labor and Birth
    Earn one hour of alternate credit for each hour of a labor and birth that you are continuously present during. A completed Birth Observation form must be submitted with your alternate credit form.
  • Class Observation
    Earn one hour of alternate credit by observing another childbirth educator in a class setting.
  • Education or Certification Committee Service
    Earn alternate credit by serving on a committee of the Lamaze Education Council or Certification Council. The Lamaze Administrative office will verify service hours.
  • Publication
    Earn up to 10 hours of alternate credit for the first-time publication of a book, book chapter or an article directly related to childbirth education.
    Earn up to five hours for considerably editing or rewriting a publication.
  • Item Writing
    Earn alternate credit by writing and submitting questions for the Certification Exam. One hour of alternate credit is awarded for every question that is approved.
    Be sure to review the Item Writing Instructions, and submit your questions with the Item Writing Submission form. 
  • Lecture/Presentation
    Earn one hour of alternate credit for each hour of a lecture or presentation that you give at the undergraduate or graduate level. You can also give a presentation at a conference or within a university. All lectures or presentations must be childbirth education-related, and alternate credit will only be awarded for first-time presentations. An outline of the lecture or presentation must be submitted with the alternate credit form.