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Push for Your Baby

The Lamaze Difference

Lamaze educators are working to make a difference for moms and babies.

As Lamaze educators, it’s our goal to help expectant parents prepare for one of the most important days of their life – their baby’s birth day! We’re working to educate parents about the best birth practices based on the most current medical evidence available.

But we know there is a gap in care. The Six Healthy Birth Practices that Lamaze educators teach aren’t always the standard of care that parents encounter with their chosen care provider or birth setting.

That’s why it’s so important to teach parents that they may have to PUSH for the care they want. Knowledge is power and Lamaze childbirth education classes can help the parents you teach to recognize, and get, the care that best fits their unique needs.

Push for Your Baby


Just like other areas of health care, it can take an active, engaged patient to get the best care and outcomes. Push for Your Baby was created by Lamaze International to bring attention to the role of childbirth education in helping expecting parents to partner with their care providers to push for the safest, healthiest birth possible. Knowing how to spot good maternity care is a key to getting it, and through Lamaze childbirth education, parents can get the support and information they need.

The Push Video

As moms, we never forget our babies’ birth days. This video highlights the experiences of six women – each telling their stories with rawness and candor – and gives expectant moms true stories that can help inform their own decisions around birth. These women’s voices help to connect the dots between the role of childbirth education and the experience women have on their baby’s birth day.

When expecting parents are confronted with important decisions, from choosing a birthplace and selecting a care provider, to handling the unexpected speed bumps that can arise during labor, hearing from women who have been there, and done that can help inform and inspire them. Share the video through your social networks, link to it from your website or blog, and show it to the parents you teach!

Parent Blogger Contest

Every woman has a story to tell and we want to hear from other parents too! Through our Push for Your Baby blogger contest, they can share their childbirth stories in a written or video blog and talk about the role that childbirth education, or lack of education, played in their baby’s birth. The blogs will be judged by a Lamaze panel and winners will receive a new stroller, car seat or selection of Lamaze books and baby toys. Tell the parents you teach about the contest and their chance to win!

Push for Your Baby Conversation Starters

As educators, it’s our goal to give parents the tools to push for the best care practices during labor and birth. Consider discussing the following topics in your classroom to get moms and dads talking about the ways they can work in partnership with their care providers to get the best care.

Childbirth Challenges

Many interventions may seem like they would make childbirth easier, but they can have unintended consequences and make birth more difficult and less safe. Moms and dads should be aware of these possible interventions and work in partnership with their care providers to get the safe, healthy care they’re looking for.

Spot the Best Care

There are countless places on the Internet with information about pregnancy, labor and birth. So many, that parents may find themselves asking, “How do I separate fact from fiction?” Lamaze has simplified the scientific facts into six healthy birth practices to make it easy for parents to understand their options, choose the safest care, and steer clear of care practices and unnecessary interventions that may not be the best for pregnant women and their babies.

Push for Better!

Moms can get the best care by being an active partner with their care providers, but it’s not always easy to bring up questions. Talk to your students about barriers in having these discussions. We know that care provider visits can be short and present little opportunity to have meaningful discussion. When there is disagreement or uncertainty about the care provider’s advice, few moms want to appear that they are questioning the expertise of their care provider. But by helping your expecting parents understand what the research really says about what works best for women and their babies, you can give them the confidence they need to have those conversations. Asking questions and providing information builds trust, and it’s the best way to make sure everyone is working toward the same goal – the safest, healthiest birth possible.

10 Questions for Parents to Ask Their Care Provider

Help your students start the conversation with their care provider. These 10 important questions can get them thinking about that discussion. Share these questions with your class and encourage them to think about what they’re going to ask during their next visit.

Push for Your Baby Handout

Get the word out about how Lamaze can help women have the safest and healthiest birth possible. Print and share this handout with new and expecting parents at local birth-related events, or make copies available at your hospital, birth center or clinic.

Push for Your Baby Banner and Button

To help you spread the word about Push for Your Baby, and the importance of helping expectant parents to partner with their care providers to push for better care, we’ve developed a banner and button that you can post to your website or blog.

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