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Help Lamaze Promote Safe and Healthy Birth!

Lamaze International has been instrumental in bringing the message of safe and healthy birth to families around the world. Your donation allows us to continue and grow the delivery of that message through the work of our passionate childbirth educators, evidence-based information and research and direct outreach to women.

With your support, Lamaze International is able to reach consumers, members of the media and health care professionals with a contemporary approach to pregnancy and childbirth that allows families to have the safe and healthy experiences they want for themselves and their babies.

With your support, we promote the evidence-based Six Healthy Birth Practices to pregnant people and the individuals that support them. We hope these six healthy birth practices increase awareness and decrease the alarmingly high maternal mortality rate in the United States.

With your support, we inform health care professionals about the substantial and long-standing body of evidence that is the basis of Lamaze education.

With your support, Lamaze International makes a difference!

Please demonstrate your commitment to natural, safe and healthy birth by supporting Lamaze International with your tax-deductible donation.

Your donation is much appreciated and has been applied to further the Lamaze message to advance safe and healthy birth!

LamazeLIVE! Share the Love
LamazeLIVE! Share the Love

You're invited to "share the love" with fellow maternal health professionals! Make a donation to help fund scholarships to LamazeLIVE! 2019 for members of the local Pittsburgh community. Scholarship recipients will be selected by our local partner organizations, and will represent diverse backgrounds and perspectives.


As part of the diversity and inclusion initiative outlined in our 2018-2021 strategic action plan, we are taking steps to ensure that Lamaze membership is reflective of the communities we wish to serve — communities where access to evidence-based, collaborative care is most limited and rates of maternal-infant mortality are highest.

By sharing the power of Lamaze with educators and professionals from these communities, we can better prepare families at greater risk for disparate care to understand their options and participate in decision-making with their care providers

Lamaze International General Donations
Lamaze International General Donations

Choose this option to Lamaze further advocacy efforts to get education and information into the hands of childbirth professionals and parents to increase knowledge of this contemporary approach to pregnancy and childbirth that allows women to have the safe and healthy experiences they want for themselves and their babies.