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Lamaze International Credit Card Program

Lamaze International and UMB CardPartner ( have joined forces to launch the Lamaze International affinity Visa® Platinum Rewards credit card.

For the life of the card program, Lamaze International will receive a portion of every dollar that each cardholder charges. The Lamaze International Visa® Platinum Rewards card offers qualified cardholders exceptional benefits including no annual fee and a low APR*

With your support, Lamaze International is able to reach consumers, members of the media, and health care professionals with a contemporary approach to pregnancy and childbirth that allows women to have the safe and healthy experiences they want for themselves and their babies.

With your support, we promote the evidence-based Six Healthy Birth Practices to pregnant women and the individuals that support them. We hope these six healthy birth practices increase awareness and decrease the alarmingly high maternal mortality rate in the United States.

With your support, we inform health care professionals about the substantial and long-standing body of evidence that is the basis of Lamaze education.

With your support, Lamaze International makes a difference!

Apply today for the Visa Platinum Rewards card; it is an easy way to help Lamaze make a difference.

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