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Utilize Lamaze tools to learn about branding, working with the media, and get started on your own marketing strategy. (Members log in required to access marketing tools.)

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Business Toolkit

This self-paced, interactive two-module online course is designed specifically for childbirth educators looking for the freedom and autonomy of owning their own business. The first module focuses on developing a solid business plan with realistic goals and expectations. The second module provides guided support for crafting a marketing plan and communication strategies, as well as information about networking with partners in your community, developing a basic website content plan, and leveraging your Lamaze connection. The tools you will gain will allow you to make a successful business out of your experience and passion for childbirth education.
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Lamaze International develops and maintains a wide variety of resources and tools that are available to our educators. The purpose of this webinar is to familiarize educators with the many resources that are available to them so that they can take advantage of them to grow their businesses and leverage their Lamaze connection.

Advocacy and Fundraising 

As a grassroots organization working to change maternity care, you need money to advance your mission.  Whether you are going to seek funds from grantmaking organizations or sponsor a fundraising event in your community, these tools are designed to help you maximize your bottom line. Please refer to the submission guidelines of the Grantmaking Program to which you are applying.