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Online Learning Modules

The Lamaze Online Learning Modules were created to offer an alternative for experienced educators to learn and understand the Lamaze approach to childbirth education and in circumstances when attending a live seminar is not an option. However, the optimal professional learning experience for aspiring new Lamaze educators is through in-person learning at a Lamaze Childbirth Educator Seminar.

The Lamaze name has been trusted for more than 50 years and research shows that it is the most recognized childbirth education brand among parents. Lamaze education and practices are based on the best, most current medical evidence available.

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The Lamaze Philosophy

Core Values for Teaching Safe and Healthy Birth

The Lamaze Philosophy of birth is based on evidence and the idea that birth is a natural part of life. By educating parents, you are helping them understand, respect and trust the natural processes of pregnancy and childbirth, leading to better outcomes for everyone. This module will define the Lamaze philosophy of birth and the ways in which you can empower women to make informed choices in maternity care.

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Standards of Practice and Ethics in Childbirth Education

The Standards of Practice and Ethics in Childbirth Education outlines the ethical principles and standards that are derived from childbirth education’s core values to assure quality and ethical practice. This module defines Lamaze International’s Code of Ethics for LCCE Educators and addresses current ethical and moral issues that childbirth educators should be prepared to encounter in maternity care.

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Six Healthy Birth Practices

The mission of Lamaze international is to promote, support and protect natural, safe and healthy birth. This module reviews the Six Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices in detail and presents evidence to support their validity.

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Approved for 10.0 Lamaze contact hours


Childbirth Education Teaching Skills

There are changing goals and contemporary challenges facing childbirth education today. This module identifies the ways in which Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators can identify women’s beliefs about safe and healthy birth and how they can incorporate the right teaching skills into their Childbirth Education classes that will promote a new model of educating and building women’s confidence to make safe and healthy choices.

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