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Certification: Examination Development Committee


This procedure outlines the steps to prepare for the Certification Council Meeting and Exam Development Committee Meeting.


The Certification Council Chair develops the agenda for the Certification Council and Exam Development Meeting. The Certification Program Director advises the Chair on the agenda as requested, prepares materials for the meeting, and follows through on any post meeting activities. The Certification Program Coordinator/Assistant provides administrative support for the Certification Council and Exam Development Committee Meetings, and is responsible for making logistical arrangements for the meeting (e.g., hotel, catering, equipment, supplies, etc.) and for providing logistical and administrative support during the meeting.


Meeting Arrangements and Materials

The Certification Program Coordinator/Assistant makes hotel reservations for out-of-town participants, reserves meeting rooms, and arranges for meals and refreshments during the meeting. The Coordinator also arranges for needed equipment and supplies for the meeting, generally including:

  • LCP Panel;
  • Overhead projector;
  • Computer with test item bank (Psychometrician brings);
  • Laser printer and paper;
  • Pads of paper, pens/pencils;
  • Scissors, tape, post-it notes, paper clips, stapler, etc.

A general information/reminder email is sent to Certification Council and Exam Development Committee members two months before the meeting. This letter serves to remind them of the meeting date, give them hotel information, and remind them to make travel arrangements, etc.

The Certification Program Director prepares the test development notebook so it can be ready prior to the meeting. The meeting agenda and any other relevant materials are put into a folder for each meeting attendee to be distributed at the meeting.

Prior to the start of the meeting the Certification Program Coordinator/Assistant sees that the equipment is set up and in working order. During the meeting the Psychometrician updates test items on the database as they are reviewed by the Committee. The Coordinator also compiles a complete copy of all new and revised test items and other materials approved or disapproved.

Following the meeting the Certification Program Coordinator returns all equipment, drafts meeting minutes, shreds unneeded copies of test items, and sends an email of thanks from the Chair with approved minutes to the attendees.

Updated: January 1994, June 2002