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Certification: Examination Construction


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that uniform procedures are followed for the construction of each certification examination.


The Certification Council Governing Body is responsible for development of the certification exam. The Certification Council Chair, in conjunction with the Exam Development Committee Chair, selects which members of the Exam Development Committee will participate in the exam construction meeting to set the next certification exam. The Certification Council Chair and Psychometrician is present at each exam construction meeting, and is responsible for managing the development and analysis of the certification exam. A Spanish-speaking and a

Korean-speaking member of the Exam Development Committee participates in the item selection for the Spanish and Korean exams.


The certification exam is constructed at an on site meeting. During the exam construction meeting a blueprint for the exam is used in accordance with the Childbirth Educator Certification Test Outline developed by the Certification Council. Also, an examination analysis and a test concept outline of the chosen items are developed at this meeting. The Chair of the Certification Council must approve each examination. The Certification Coordinator/Assistant forwards the approved examination to the Psychometric Consultant for editing, and preparing of the camera-ready examination. The Psychometrician reviews the camera-ready examination against the original copy for errors or omissions, and gives the approved camera-ready examination to the Certification Program Coordinator/Assistant to prepare the examination booklets.

Drafted: March, 1996
Revisions Approved: May, 1996
Updated: June, 2002