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About Lamaze

Marketing & Advertising Opportunities

Lamaze International reaches thousands of childbirth educators, and maternal-child health professionals throughout the year. Millions of expectant parents seek information about pregnancy, birth and early parenting from Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators around the world each year. Because of their influential role as trusted advisors, childbirth educators are in a unique position needing up-to-date information about a variety of products and services.  Expectant parents want the latest information about products and services to support them in their birth and parenting journey.

To discuss any of these opportunities, contact Francine Garner, Sales Manager, at 202-367-2343, or by email.

Download the media kit. 

Marketing Opportunities

Lamaze for Professionals Website Banner: 1,000 per month

Promote your company prominently on the Lamaze for Professionals website. Your banner will be placed in the rotating slider on our homepage, and will be seen by Lamaze members and childbirth education professionals each time they visit the website to access membership information, teaching resources and more.

10,000+ unique views each month

Inside Lamaze Newsletter Banner: $1,000 per month | $3,000 per quarter

Include a banner ad in the official Lamaze International member e-newsletter, Inside Lamaze. Distributed twice each month to 2,000+ members, this newsletter features important Lamaze updates and news, as well as articles and resources for educators and parents.

85% of Lamaze members cited Inside Lamaze as a key resource!

Sponsored Social Media Post: $500-$1,000 

Facebook: $800

@LamazeProfessionals | 5,500+ likes

Twitter: $500

@LamazeAdvocates | 5,800+ likes

Pinterest: $800

@Lamaze1 | 1,100+ followers | 250,000+ monthly visitors

Instagram: $800

@LamazeChildbirth | 1,000+ followers

YouTube: $1,000

@Lamaze1 | 1,200+ subscribers

Webinars for Educators: $1,500 Lamaze | $3,000 Customized
Sponsor an upcoming Lamaze webinar, featuring expert content presented by Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators (LCCE)! Work with our staff to sponsor a currently planned webinar, or suggest a topic that aligns with your brand. Sponsorship includes recognition in emails promoting the webinar, a slide included in the webinar, website recognition and the ability to introduce the speaker.

Email Blast to Members: $1,000
Reach Lamaze members directly via our dedicated email system. Your message will be sent to more than 2,000 professionals at a mutually agreed upon time and date. You provide the file, and Lamaze staff will work with you to send the message out!
Lamaze for Parents Website Banner: $1,500 for one month | $2,500 for three months | $5,000 for six months

Promote your company prominently on the Lamaze for Parents website. Your banner will be placed in the website header, and will be seen by parents who come to our website looking for the latest resources and information about pregnancy, labor, and Lamaze childbirth education classes.

60,000+ unique views each month

Tip Sheets: $3,500

We will work with your company to create a customized tip sheet that can be provided to educators to use in Lamaze classes. The tip sheet will be made available online for both educators and parents to access, and we will announce it is available through Inside Lamaze for educators to use as a pass-along to parents.

Design will be handled by Lamaze staff to ensure brand control, with your company name and logo featured prominently. All content to be approved by a Lamaze subject matter expert.

Email Blast to Parents: $2,500

Reach an audience of more than 40,000 expecting and new parents via our dedicated email system at a mutually agreed upon date and time. You provide the file, and Lamaze staff will work with you to send the message out!

Sponsored Social Media Post: $800-$1,000

Facebook: $1,000

@LamazeChildbirth | 21,000+ likes

Twitter: $800

@LamazeOnline | 10,000+ likes

Pinterest: $800

@Lamaze1 | 1,100+ followers | 250,000+ monthly visitors

Instagram: $800

@LamazeChildbirth | 1,000+ followers

YouTube: $1,000

@Lamaze1 | 1,200+ subscribers

Mobile App Sponsorship

Our evidence-based pregnancy app, Pregnancy to Parenting, has been downloaded by more than 20,000 expecting parents.

To learn how you can sponsor the overall app or sponsor specific tools or content, contact

Lamaze Pregnancy Week by Week Email: $1,000 for one week | $3,000 for one month | $10,000 for three months

Gain exposure for your brand to vetted, high-quality leads in the weekly e-mail resource sent to more than 2,000 expecting parents.

This weekly pregnancy e-mail guides pregnant moms through each stage of their pregnancy and provides essential information to help them through a safe and healthy pregnancy and birth.

Advertise in the Journal of Perinatal Education

Lamaze International offers advertising in the Journal of Perinatal Education. Click here to view our rates and guidelines, and to fill out the JPE contract.

Mailing List Rental

Lamaze International will make its mailing list available for rental, in whole or in part, to Lamaze International members and chapters, nonprofit organizations, and commercial entities for education/information purposes.

Mailing list rental and usage will be monitored and controlled by the Executive Director, under the guidance of this policy. Requests for rental of the Lamaze International mailing list include a sample of the mailing piece. A copy of the signed List Usage Agreement must be returned before the requested list will be processed.

Lamaze International reserves the right to refuse permission to rent the mailing list to any individual or entity whose products or programs are in conflict with the Lamaze International philosophy and principles. Use of the membership mailing list by any commercial or nonprofit entity does not imply endorsement by Lamaze International.

Mailing List Rental Guidelines and Application (PDF)

Direct any questions about list rentals to the Administrative Office at 800-368-4404 or

Lamaze Advertising Standards

The Lamaze Advertising Standards policy applies to all promotional activities, targeted to professionals and/or consumers, for commercial purposes by any person or entity. All advertising must be consistent with the philosophy and principles of Lamaze International, and cannot negatively impact the reputation of Lamaze International. Acceptable advertisers are those promoting products and/or services, which are appropriate to and consistent with the needs or interests of maternal/child health professionals, expectant parents, parents of infants and children, or infants and children.